Sunday, February 24, 2008

Assembling the cabinet, speaker grill and marquee!

During the past week and a half I assembled most of the cabinet. After test-fitting the panels with clamps, I bore little holes from the inside of the cabinet (where I had drawn the lines) to guide the screws. Then I applied the woodglue, assemble the panels again with clamps and then drill another hole through the panel but this time from the outside of the cabinet with the countersink drill bit and then put the screws in. Worked great! But just make sure you don't put the screws to close to the edge of the MDF, else it might split.

I haven't got very nice and sharp pictures of the assembly but I'll put one up anyway.

Next thing to do was to create the speaker grill.

I had copied the dimensions I had from the Jakobud cabinet-plan onto the MDF which I had to cut out.

I drilled two 6mm holes next to each other to be able to put the jigsaw in and cut the straight lines.

After the rough cuts were made I used a file to fine-tune the slots.

At first I was a little unsure of how it would turn out but it looks really good and straight!
When this was done I could assemble the speaker panel to the cabinet. And yes, the panel is short half a cm on the top. But after testing how the control panel would look on it I decided that it was no big deal. Still, it feels like cheating though.

Next up the agenda was the marquee- bottom and light. Well, putting the fluorescent light in a this stage of building isn't really necessary but it sure makes the marquee light up nice when we test it later! :)

Test-aligning the marquee-back panel.

Attaching the light fixture to the back panel.

Done installing! And testing without marquee (plexiglas artwork)

Below you'll see the rest of the pictures my brother and I took. Marquee isn't attached yet ofcourse, we just taped it in place for the pictures and our own enjoyment :).

Next up is building a square frame for the base of the cabinet. So the sidepanels won't touch the ground as they do now and which makes the cabinet rise another 6.6 cm. I was actually making one before but it didn't turn out as nice as I wanted. And some other parts, complete backside of the cabinet and the piece between control panel and bezel.

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