Sunday, August 9, 2009

Final stretch. Applying all artwork and stickers.

This scratch build is entering its final stage.

Yesterday i spraypainted the three metal bars. The ones that hold the marquee and the bezel.
Today i mounted them and installed all the artwork and stickers.

Only things left to do:
- Install computer running AdvanceMAME (i think)
- Building new backdoor since the previous one is a little off. (not up to my current standard :) )
- Hoping to score a original Nintendo coin door and install that.

Short list! :)
Almost there. It took me one and a half year (with pauses) but now it's finally coming together.


Chris said...

Awesome work! Why not finish it off with an original DK board rather than a PC?

Barry said...

Thanks Chris! Well, actually I WAS checking eBay yesterday for a DK board :)

Not sure yet, pretty expensive.

Cheapest I could find was 140 dollars excl. shipping.

Chuck said...

Nice job, I am hiring a woodworker local to build me my cabs, what is a fair price to pay him for cutting and assembly for the DK cab?

Karen said...

Well done! As long as you keep the CP as is and throw in a MAME setup to run it you could always make a different CP to snap on for playing different games and then slap the original CP back on and put a DK board in later if you intend to sell.
Any more pictures? Can't really tell but is this a scaled rebuild or a restored original?

strugglingwriter said...

Do you happen to have any pictures of the back door you built? What type of wood did you use? And do you have measurements?

Sorry for all the questions. I just bought a Donkey Kong Junior and it came without a back door.


fzort said...

Wow, it's looking incredible. Congratulations! And thank you so much for documenting the whole processes! I love how smooth and curvy it looks, so much prettier than 99% of the MAME cabinet projects out there...

Did you have any woodworking experience when you started this project? The only electric tools you used were a jigsaw and a sander?

I'm dying to something like that, but I've never worked with wood in my life. I hope I don't lose a finger...

Andrew Thorson said...

I know this blog is quite old, but I'm working on a Nintendo style cab (widebody) for my project and was wondering what you did for the lower part of the marquee retainer? It seems to be two "L" shaped pieces of metal that are stuck together. I am unsure as to how you did it as I do not want to opt for original marquee retainer as they are quite pricey and I'm trying to make this 2nd cab as cheap as possible.

Barry said...

Hi Andrew,
The marquee retainer is an original Nintendo one (or repro), from
The bezel retainer is a homemade solution, bought an aluminium bracket/profile at home depot that had a slot on one side in which fits the bezel.


Andrew Thorson said...

Great thanks I'll have to check that out.