Thursday, August 5, 2010

Donkey Kong board!

Bit the bullet, ordered a board (2-board version) and some other nessecities!
Amongst them
- a Nintendo-to-JAMMA adapter
- a high-score save kit
- Two coin reject covers
- New bolts for coin door and coin mechs


Pingaloka said...

I have been checking all your work.
Congratulations, very well done, very clean cuts, pulishing, and overall work: excellent.
I love this model, me myself, also got back the "Donkey Kong fever" after watching the "King of Kong" documentary.
I'm also making a dedicated cabinet, Taito Model (joust, zookeeper...)

Next project will be a Donkey Kong cabinet like yours, although maybe not 100% equal to the original.
I may change width, to put 2 controllers, etc.

I'm looking for the plans, and I know you made a conversion from inches to cm, do you still have the plans?? I will appreciate if you could send a copy...

Once again, Congrats, looking at your blog helped me decied to get into making this cabinet. The best game of all times!!!

greetings from Spain!

Barry said...

Hi Pingaloka!

Thank you very much for you compliments :)

About the plans, I JUST found a mirror website hosting Jakobud's cabinet plans. You can find the link in the bar on the right, or here

Checking you website in a moment!

Greetings from The Netherlands!

Pingaloka said...

Thanx a lot Barry, this are perfect.
Petty is in inches.
I will probably get back in touch in case I need some advice.
Once again thanx! And great work!

Barry said...

Sorry, I don't think I have my paper drawings / sketches and measurements any more.

It took me some time to convert them all to cm too :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you find your 2 board?? I cant find it anywhere

Barry said...

I found the board along with a lot of other good stuff at Recommended seller!

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