Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Insert coin!

Finally found an original Nintendo coin door! Just made the payment, hasn't shipped yet. It was on KLOV forum from a USA member. As expected it is not in the best cosmetic state ever, but I am looking forward to restoring it (sanding and repainting). The door came from a trashed DK3 cabinet.

When done sanding, painting and cleaning coin mechs it should look like this:

** NOTE! This is not my cabinet. It is an original that's restored by Neilyboy. See his inspiring thread over at BYOAC ArcadeControls.com.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Final stretch. Applying all artwork and stickers.

This scratch build is entering its final stage.

Yesterday i spraypainted the three metal bars. The ones that hold the marquee and the bezel.
Today i mounted them and installed all the artwork and stickers.

Only things left to do:
- Install computer running AdvanceMAME (i think)
- Building new backdoor since the previous one is a little off. (not up to my current standard :) )
- Hoping to score a original Nintendo coin door and install that.

Short list! :)
Almost there. It took me one and a half year (with pauses) but now it's finally coming together.