Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Applied T-molding and side art


Elco Simon said...
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Elco Simon said...

Looks pretty PERFECT!!o

Lid said...

Awesome looking cabinet.

I am in the process of building my own cab (starting a build diary soon) and I was wondering where you got your side art printed as it looks brilliant. Also did it stick to the paint ok, I remember someone saying to laminate if you were using stick on art work instead of painting.

Also one more question, the paint finish looks great I noticed you mentioned the colour you used but was it a special kind of paint?

Barry said...

Thanks for the compliments Lid.
I got the sideart from www.quarterarcade.com. They are basicly very big stickers. Excellent quality, great colours.
They are a tad expensive though, but totally worth it. Just take your time applying it and removing airbubbles if any.

About the paint, nothing special, just semi-gloss. Used a foam roller for painting.

Looking forward to seeing some of your progress!


Lid said...

It's me again.

I posted on your blog a while ago and said I was starting my own project so thought I would post again with a link to my blog. I haven't done much at the moment but it's a start, if you could link to my project that would be great. I have added a link to yours and planned to mention a few points from your build if that is ok.


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