Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paint it blue!

Finally painted the cabinet blue. Paint is not color-matched with an original DK baby-blue cabinet like I wanted, but this color looks great none the less! :) It a premade color called "Azure blue" from Flexa.

Originally I was planning to use one of the paint color-codes people used who refurbished their original DK cabinets and have their paint color-matched. But since those paint-codes are (almost) all for American paintbrands and USA shops, they are of no use to me I reckon. So after searching for the right color for a long time I happen to stumbled upon a can of Azure Blue.

Just one more coat of blue because I had some dirt on my roller the last layer. And a final layer of black to touch up some spots and make it overall nicer an smoother.

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Anonymous said...

Looks nice but it isn't the original one ...