Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Insert coin!

Finally found an original Nintendo coin door! Just made the payment, hasn't shipped yet. It was on KLOV forum from a USA member. As expected it is not in the best cosmetic state ever, but I am looking forward to restoring it (sanding and repainting). The door came from a trashed DK3 cabinet.

When done sanding, painting and cleaning coin mechs it should look like this:

** NOTE! This is not my cabinet. It is an original that's restored by Neilyboy. See his inspiring thread over at BYOAC ArcadeControls.com.


Some guy on the Internet said...

Damn Barry - looking good! You are flying. It looks like we are going to finish around the same time (http://donkeykongrestore.blogspot.com/).

If you are going to run MAME (I am) I highly recommend installing MisfitMAME as well so you can play some Donkey Kong II. I just finished setting up my computer and I have 28 vertical, 4-way, one button games running which I'm planning to put in the cabinet this weekend. It all runs using MaLa in one gamelist. The computer boots straight into DK so no one will even know other games are possible unless I tell them - it's really slick.

Keep it up!

Barry said...

Thanks Javeryh, your cab is looking awesome too. I check your blog daily :).
Cool to see we are both at about the same pace with finishing the cabinets.

About MAME, thanks for the tip of MisfitMAME. Never looked into it, but probably will do now. Before you mentioned it I was thinking of running DOS AdvanceMAME for a change. Couldn't find the D2K rom by the way.

On the other hand, an original DK board would be really nice. But they are pretty expensive. For that kind of money I can almost buy a CAVE pcb for in my Sega Astro City.

Update your blog more often :)
- Barry

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why go to all the trouble of making it look original and NOT put an original pcb in the game....
Going with mame just ruins the whole thing

Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog and very good results. I really want to make my own DK as well some day. :)

Btw, I see you have packaged your pictures and plans into a sellable as well. Found this on ebay the other day using the same pictures as in this blog.


Barry said...

Thanks for your compliments :) Still have to finish the cab sometime..

And about the ebay listing! That is NOT mine! Thanks for noticing. I filed a report against it. That guy used my photo's to sell his "building plan".

although, is is quit an honor :)

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