Sunday, March 2, 2008

Building the bottom

For the bottom I build a rectangular frame but out of wood instead of MDF. Because MDF is not really sturdy, corners damage quickly when dropped on the floor (Johnny, check this website line 1a :). When done sanding it I attached it to the underside of the cabinet with woodglue and screws from the inside of the cabinet. At first I wanted to connect it with the metal L-brackets I bought, but this was easier, looks nicer and is probably even firmer.

Someone please notice the fine 45 degree cuttings and assembly of the frame. Took me quite some lengths of lumber and various test-assemblies to get it this good. Not to mention time and patience.

When the bottom frame was installed it was time to put the casters (wheels) on. Measured out where they had to come, drilled the 4 holes (5mm) for each caster and put the bolts trough. I used bolts this time because of the weight the casters must be able to handle.

The idea of this bottom is really nice. When the cabinet is standing it rests entirely on the wooden frame. You don't see the casters because they are on the back and are about 1mm above the floor. But when you tilt the cab just a little bit backwards all the weight is left on the casters, leaving the cabinet off the ground.


Anthony said...

i'm not sure whether i'm going to put casters on mine, is it a lot easier to move around with them?

mattcandraw said...

Hey stumbled on your blog about rebuilding a DK. Is there any way you remember what the size dimensions of the base was? I am at the beginnings of refurbishing a dk junior with no base and yours looks dead on.