Sunday, March 30, 2008

Monitor test-install

To check if the monitor support was sufficient, I put the Hantarex 21" screen in the cabinet and connect it to the computer running MAME.

1st thought - Very happy with the fact that the monitor was very well supported. It felt really solid and secure. And it looked real cool too!

2nd thought - What happend to my beautifull screen! The image is all distorted. Well, at least the sides are curved inwards, a bit like an hourglass. I tried adjusting the settings through the OSD but that didn't help. Auto-Degauss which is supported by the monitor didn't help either. I might have to try a manual degaussing tool.

One theory - Because the screen was perfect before I somewhat decased and mounted it, I thought that the distortion could come from the 45 degree angle the screen is installed now. So I got it out of the cab and tried it again, but the distortion stayed.

Another theory and probably more suitable - I think I must have messed up the magnetic fields while cutting the backside of the monitor case with the angle grinder. Can't be too good for it, the fast spinning of magnets that close to the tube.

So, after weeks of just reading and looking at pictures on the messageboard over at "Build your own arcade controls", I just registered myself there and am going to put a "Help" topic on :)

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