Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The middle MDF panels & the 2-Player Control Panel Overlay!

After the time consuming procedure of calculating and tracing where all middle panels had to connect with the sidepanels I could finally began to cut them out with the jigsaw. I especially bought a circular saw for the straight cuts I had to make, but a friend of mine said it would tear the underside of the MDF. And since I try to do everything perfect, the machine is still sealed in it's plastic wrapping :)

The only downside of the jigsaw, I have to sand the cut sides because they aren't really even yet.
But we are getting there.

I put a printout of the new Control Panel Overlay concept on the cut MDF, just to see how it would look.

From left to right:
Bottom, coin door, piece between coin door and speaker panel, speaker panel, control panel, bezel piece, marquee bottom, marquee back (where fluorescent light is attached to) and the top of the cabinet. Phew. For the back I have get a new sheet of MDF, but that can wait.

Meanwhile, I was working on a custom 2-Player Control Panel Overlay (CPO). I got a vector image file (Adobe Illustrator / CorelDRAW) of the replicated original Donkey Kong CPO from www.localarcade.com which I altered a bit to get to my concept. Had to add an extra joystick and a dozen extra buttons since I want to make a MAME arcade cabinet. I tried to keep it close to the original. Just watching at the new CPO design makes me smile, it's going to look good :)

Above: Original CPO (Without black instruction card on the left)
Below: New CPO!


Anonymous said...

what tool did you use to make all the square cuts? I am a woodworking newb. I have my side panels done but I cant seem to get my coin door panel and bottom cut square on all side.

what do I need to buy/do to make a straight line?


Anonymous said...

i have a couple of questions.

1. where did you get the black handles for the cab

2. how does the back door slot into the bottom of the cab so that it fixes

many thanks


Unknown said...

Nice Work!

Do you happen to have the measurements for all those middle pieces...

IE: The Bottom, Coin Door, Top, Marquee, Control Panel, etc?

Andrew said...

Hi, I just bought an old donkey kong cabinet that has been converted to jr pac man..Any way, Im converting it to a mame cabinet, and restoring it to donkey kong. I really like your control panel design. Can I buy a copy from you? Thanks, Andrew

Scotto Kong said...

Hi Barry

You've done some incredible work on this cab.

Bit of a long shot but is there any chance you'd share a copy of the 2-Player CPO?

I'd really appreciate it - it would save me heaps of muching around!


Phoenix_Z80 said...

I would also love to use a copy of your 2-up CPO design. Could you drop me a message if this is something you would give out. I can make a PayPal donation if required.

blakeleebrett gmail com

Unknown said...

I would also like to get a copy of your 2 player CPO. Also where did you order all your glass and graphics from?


Anonymous said...

your CP for 2 players looks perfect. any chance i can ge t a copy? again happy to donate on paypal

Barry said...

Thank for your interest in the control panel overlay design.
You can send me an e-mail at barrybuise@gmail.com and I'll send the files to you.

valencedai said...

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