Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sanding the sidepanels

Just finished smoothing the sides of the cabinet with an electric sander. Now they are as even as a can get them - without a router that is. Seems you're better off using a router which enables you to make an exact copy of one cut out panel onto another one. Well, I'll keep that in mind for future projects then.

Looking better already huh? Next up, measuring and cutting the other cabinet pieces. Top, marquee platform, monitor supports, control panel top and front (with speaker), coin door, bottom and back. Should be less time consuming than the two just finished side panels because the other parts are all rectangular.

And! I ordered the Donkey Kong marquee, bezel and white Nintendo T-mold today! Very exciting. Once I'll recieve the marquee I let color-match the Donkey Kong blue from the logo to use the exact same on the cabinet.

Above, the marquee. The plexiglas piece with artwork on top of the cabinet. A fluorescent light has to go behind it so it lights up nicely.

Second, the bezel. Again a plexiglas piece that stands in front of the actual monitor. In this case smoked plexiglas (dark color). The game behind it lights up well but everything else (monitor casing, inside cabinet) should be blacked out with this screen in front. And hey, look at the sweet original artwork.

Then the T-mold. A plastic strip attached to the front side of the sidepanel to make them more durable and give it a nice finish.

When all installed it should look very much like this original Donkey Kong machine.

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